Only Heaven Knows, a new 5-song EP has arrived.

Behind the Music:  For this project, we expanded the BAND concept into more of a Band of Brothers: old friends, newer ones, and even my actual brother contributed to the five songs on this EP. I was fortunate enough to get my good friend Frank Trosterud, and the very talented Eric Castillo, to team up with me to produce the project.  And, as always, it was a pleasure to record at John Naclerio’s NADA Recording.
     In the studio, it all began with those bottom tracks, which Shane Chikeles (drums and percussion), along with Zeb Kandros (bass - tracks 1 and 2) and Troy Hughes (bass - track 3), executed with originality and precision.  Jason Lewis (rhythm-tracks 1-3, solo-track 3), Tony DePaolo (slide guitar/rhythm -track 1, rhythm & solos-track 2), and Mark Visconti (acoustic-track 4) all brought their special guitar talents to the project.  Jim Quinlan contributed his inspired piano arrangements and musicianship (tracks 2, 3, and 5). Last, but not least, helping me out with their great backing vocals (tracks 1,2, and 3) were Mark Henderson and Peter Osinski.  
     I would like to thank everyone who was involved with the project for all your patience, talent, and more importantly, for just being good people who are a pleasure to work with, always. Also, I would like to thank Julianna Lewis for sharing her unique artwork.
    Finally, thanks to all of you for being fans of the music.  Email us at DonLewisBand2016@gmail, or find out about upcoming shows by following us on Twitter at Don Lewis@DonLewisBand.   Be well.