Don Lewis is based in New York’s Hudson Valley, sixty miles north of New York City.

Called a roots-rock influenced artist, Don has always been dedicated to the song first. In the tradition of American singer-songwriters, his six albums include songs that reflect the human condition: from affairs of the heart, to the injustices and obstacles that we battle, to reflections on the life lessons we endure.

Here is a very brief history of where he has been. The Press and Reviews page has more information.

- Chosen a Hot Pick artist by national industry journals like FMQB.

- Called a "great" songwriter by The Songwriters Monthly

- Applauded by Consumable On-line for his songs and live shows

- Praised by Belgium's Rock Report Magazine
(yes, the country) for his song writing and performance.

"Bruce Springsteen once said in an interview that when he was a kid, he believed that you could strap on a guitar, write some songs, and change the world... and then he found out it wasn't that easy; but that didn't mean he was going to quit. That has always been the reason I believe that through our words, music, and what we do each day, we can make a difference now and for those who come after us, even if sometimes the world doesn't seem like it wants to change." --Don Lewis